Sep 26 2022


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

LEAP Network and Support Group

“We never win on the strength of our argument, we win on the strength of our relationship.”

The purpose of this group is to actively practice the communications toolkit of LEAP with SMI (Seriously Mentally Ill) Loved Ones as explained in the book, “I’m Not Sick, I don’t Need Help, by Dr. Xavier Amador.

This is an ‘active’ method to communicate with an individual to gain trust, i.e., ‘face-to-face’ NOT text or social media. We will practice to make this a HABIT in how we listen and interact with others, specifically loved ones living with a mental health diagnosis who don’t recognize that they are living with a serious mental illness. The intent of the group is to practice and give each other support and feedback referring to the book and website.

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